Tavultesoft Activation Server 1.0 Beta

The Tavultesoft Activation Server provides centralised management of all Tavultesoft software product licences and activation. The complete package consists of two components: a service component that runs on a server all the time (tsactsrv), and a client component that is run on each client workstation with installed Tavultesoft software (tsactclt).

The service component is managed primarily through a web interface. This means it can be managed from any client PC. The client component is a command line program that will usually be run when the user logs into the workstation.

These components are intended for use within a broader deployment scenario. Typically, you will deploy a Keyman Desktop or other Tavultesoft software image using Group Policy or another software deployment tool. You can then use the Activation Server to manage the licencing of the software.


  • Reduce the administration and management effort for managing Tavultesoft software.
  • Control the use and availability of your software licences.
  • Use the reports available in the web management interface for software licence audits.
  • End users never need to see any activation details or even know the licence keys for the software.


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