KMKB0007: HOWTO: Use Keyman with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Tavultesoft Keyman 6.0 can be used with applications on Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, but there are some limitations, due to the different (and more limited) way that Microsoft have implemented language support on that version of Windows. In particular, anything that depends on association of the Keyman keyboard with the system language, or automatically switching Keyman keyboards, will probably not work on the Tablet PC edition.


In most cases, simply switching keyboards manually (using the Keyman hotkey or taskbar icon) will allow Keyman to be used.

Applies to:

  • Keyman 6.0
  • Keyman 6.2 Home Use Edition
  • Keyman 6.2 Standard Edition
  • Keyman 6.2 Corporate Edition 10 seat pack 1 yr

KB article KMKB0007 created on 24 May 2006

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