KMKB0068: Simple Keyboard URLs for the KeymanWeb Demo Site

Need an easy way to remember and type a keyboard's web address for the KeymanWeb demo application? See the tips below.

The Basics

Use the following format to link to a specific keyboard and language on the demo site:

The languageid is the code for the language you want to select.

The keyboardname is the filename of the keyboard, e.g. mbsindhi or ekwtamil99uni.

These links can be found most easily in the KeymanWeb Keyboard Index page:

Linking to a Specific Demo Application

To link to a specific demo application, add the following to the URL:

The application can be notepad, twitter, search, or email.

Applies to:

  • KeymanWeb 1.0

KB article KMKB0068 created on 04 Jun 2010

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