KMKB0025: HOWTO: Identify which Tavultesoft products are installed using the registry

This document is a technical reference for system administrators. You should normally check the version of Tavultesoft products that you have installed by starting the product and checking its About dialog or Support page.

You can check which Keyman products are installed on your system through the following registry keys.

TitleExecutable FilenameRegistry Key or Registry Value
Keyman 5.0keyman.exeHKLM\Software\Tavultesoft\Keyman\5.0
Keyman Developer 5.0tike.exeHKLM\Software\Tavultesoft\Keyman Developer\5.0
Keyman Standard Edition 6.xkeyman.exeHKLM\Software\Tavultesoft\Keyman\6.0 [edition] = “Standard”
Keyman Home Use Edition 6.xkeyman.exeHKLM\Software\Tavultesoft\Keyman\6.0 [edition] = “FreeHomeUse”
Keyman Corporate Edition 6.xKeyman.exeHKLM\Software\Tavultesoft\Keyman\6.0 [edition] = “Corporate”
Keyman Developer Standard 6.x or
Keyman Developer Professional 6.x*
tike.exeHKLM\Software\Tavultesoft\Keyman Developer\6.0
Keyman Developer Professional 7.0tike.exeHKLM\Software\Tavultesoft\Keyman Developer\7.0
Keyman Desktop Light 7.0keyman.exeHKLM\Software\Tavultesoft\Keyman Engine\7.0\Installed Products\desktop_light
Keyman Desktop Professional 7.0keyman.exeHKLM\Software\Tavultesoft\Keyman Engine\7.0\Installed Products\desktop_pro

* To determine whether you have licensed Keyman Developer Standard 6.x or Keyman Developer Professional 6.x, you will need to check the Help/About dialog after starting “TIKE” as the installed application is identical.

Applies to:

  • Keyman 5.0
  • Keyman 6.0
  • Keyman 6.2 Home Use Edition
  • Keyman 6.2 Standard Edition
  • Keyman 6.2 Corporate Edition 10 seat pack 1 yr
  • Keyman Developer 5.0
  • Keyman Developer Professional 6.0
  • Keyman Developer Professional 6.2
  • Keyman Developer Standard 6.0
  • Keyman Developer Standard 6.2

KB article KMKB0025 created on 22 Jun 2007

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