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# how to write ...   2006-09-05 11:39:15.600
Gautam Sengupta
Using this system how does one write "nyaaya" as in "navya-nyaaya"?

# RE: how to write ...   2006-12-26 05:27:46.380
[quote="Gautam Sengupta"]Using this system how does one write "nyaaya" as in "navya-nyaaya"?


If it's written as ?????? ????? then:

This is as simple as abc if you have three files:
keyman_free_6-2-183-0.exe (or newer version)
DevU-Mikes Keyboard Layout.pdf
and for some systems like windows 98 you'ld also need unicode rtf support, in my case it's 249973RUS8.exe)

First you install keyman_free (if you need it for non-commercial use)
Then click install keyboard and choose DevU-Mikes.kmp and install it
By clicking CTRL+SHIFT+D you switch to Devanagari (? wiil appear in "system tray") (This "keyboard shortcut" is showed when you click on Key picture which must appear after you program and make left mouse button click on it)
Open DevU-Mikes Keyboard Layout.pdf and see instructions on 2nd page:
"...To obtain any letter with a virama press the
coserned key for the letter and then ‘X’ ..."

so in case of "navya-nyaaya" ?????? ?????
to get "vy" press "v" -> "shift+x" -> "y" and get ????
to type whole word navya-nyaaya you can just press keys:
n -> ?
a -> ?
v -> ??
SH+X -> ????
y -> ?????
a -> ?????
- -> ?????-
n -> ?????-?
SH+X -> ?????-???
y -> ?????-????
aa -> ?????-?????
y -> ?????-??????
a -> ?????-??????
(SH+X means hold SHIFT and press x to get matra)
Because any consonant already includes wovel after it pressing "a" after each consonant sometimes is just waste of time, but if you want to get ? (??? ??? ??? ?? ???? oops :-) to switch back to English press CTRL+ALT+O ;-) ) then you have to press a two times - I typed it as aa because it's one letter.

I notice one thing which anyway is not fault of program itself - after typing short wovel i ? like in ?? in some programs it becomes ? ?
But this depends on program which must support showing letter i before previous consonant.

Well, question is rather good, but also hard to explain cleanly at the same time. At least I guess, this question must be answered somehow, because this is really good, simple and free tool for sanskrit and any devanagari input comparing to many other heavy programs which may support unicode in general but typing might be very complicated, especially if you don't have devanagari keyboard. Of course, in this case those pdf file I also printed out so to study it and get used to it and maybe even make some labels on my keyboard (though I don't think I'd have to type in devanagari much, usually English is my first choice). But it's much easier than pressing a lot of alt/ctrl/shift keys all the time to get simple ? or getting text in transliteration. ASCII seems to "die" soon, i mean transliterating into latin natively devanagari texts, and all those ISCII (indian standards of characters) would have to "die" soon also (I don't mean to abuse them in any way, they did their good at their time when there was no unicode)... But unicode and its UTC and UTF would have happy future. This tool looks very useful in such light ;-)

??? ?????
# RE: how to write ...   2007-01-06 04:39:26.407
KAB Graphics
Dear Sir,
If ASCII & ISCII (indian standards of characters) seems to "die" soon then at present how many Publication software works with unicode? Does Adobe Pagemaker, Indesign, Photoshop, Quark Express works with unicode?
If yes then will they give support for ANSI code?
Will there any exchange utlity for conversion the data?
# RE: how to write ...   2007-02-21 03:47:40.310
[A bit off topic]

[quote="KAB Graphics"]Dear Sir,
If ASCII & ISCII (indian standards of characters) seems to "die" soon then at present how many Publication software works with unicode? Does Adobe Pagemaker, Indesign, Photoshop, Quark Express works with unicode?
If yes then will they give support for ANSI code?
Will there any exchange utlity for conversion the data?[/quote]

Yes, very nice question, thank you...
Actually, this is problem with software - it is apavitra (, so you can hardly find software using unicode. Some tweaks may help, but consciousness of software developers must be clean first. This is why I like DevU Mike's keyboard - see how it is made with God in heart. I cannot see this in "Publication software" on other hand. That software and knowledge is in rajoguna, uses different copyrights and after all is very hard to work with. Anyhow, relax, it's material world full of misery, never mind ;-)
Well, problem is that even simply text editors don't support unicode properly. Out of ocean of different tools ( only AbiWord, which is OpenSource and Free really works with Unicode (even on Windows98 on my laptop!). Secondly, out of many devanagari fonts only Chandas Uttara ( works well with all possible ligatures. By the way, it is the only font which uses traditional devanagari letters, and full at the same time if to speak about supported matras. Well, as far as I know no other font like this one is available. Say, "Sanskrit" font from Omkarananda Rishikesh Ashram also good but uses modernized ignorant typeface... But anyhow I like these people for they give proposals to add vedic characters to Unicode (UCS) standart (

If to speak about conversion between different codepages... This is even nicer question. If you study vedic, than you will find natural relation of letters and numbers in sanskrit. It has 16 vowels (roughly) and many more consonants. So, this encoding can go as deep as to hexadecimal system which is used in computers... Shortly, even unicode is very poor standard, though it better than ansi. Better because it supports devanagari somehow. ISCII is nice but very non-intuitive... Finally, it needs a lot of scriptures study and research and meditation to understand it and make something useful, some really pavitra program. By the way, if you go even deeper, problems arise even from level of hardware - it is still using binary logic. By the way about logic ??????. In vedic it is not simple as good or bad. not at all - this is knowledge in passion. Well, as for me, I guess something like trinary logic is much closer to solving this problem. I tell this with much more determination because material world is combination of three guna - sattva, rajah and tamah. So, this is why I say "3-nary" logic is better. Though, it doesn't take into account soul which is transcendent to material nature... This is how I look on the computers and software. But for now, if you still want to know my opinion about conversion tools - i guess coding new documents directly in Unicode is best, still, if there are texts available only in ISCII... Hm, I'ld prefer to type them manually in Umicode instead of using different tools. For example, if you want bhagawad-geeta in Unicode, but you have it iscii, simply sit by computer and type everything from your memory - this would be very good excercise for brain and great joy for soul... Of, course, you may say it is Kali-yuga and people cannot remember things well... But I will say that Satya-yuga is gonna come very soon. Very soon people would accept that there is God, first as he is impersonal, but secondly as person. When all religions in that way would come to agreement Satyayuga would be an Bhuloka for some time (not sure if it is 10000 years or less, or maybe more) so people would have clean consciousness to learn by heart and soul all vedic and even don't need to use computers... Anyhow, if to say more precisely about publication software using devanagari - i'm sure they will "give support for ANSI code" but not so soon. Maybe some months or even years needed. So, so, so. You can peacefully sleep and live using old ttf fonts using different ISCII encoding schemes (which look very strange in plain ASCII anyhow) and wait peacefully while proper Unicode tools will appear. If you don't want to wait or simply cannot - make a research yourself - I gave too much information to make you feel happy ;-))

P.S. Don't take for granted a single word I said. It is just my "humble" opinion. But if you agree I am happy.
??? ?????
# RE: how to write ...   2007-03-08 03:38:42.107
KAB Graphics
????? ?????,
?? ?? ??? ??????? ?? ??? ????????

# RE: how to write ...   2007-03-08 08:36:07.410
Andrew C.
Keyboard Designer
There are tools like TECKit (SIL International) that allow you to develop your own mapping tables between legacy encodings and Unicode. Encoding Converters (is a Word plugin for TECKit) allows you to convert a work document in-situ. It also supports all the existing character encoding transformations available in ICU, so I suspect ISCII should be supported.

As for logic, I prefer the logic of soku-hi. But a computer based on such system of logic would be very strange to say the least.