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# disabled keystrokes   2006-07-28 21:21:14.960
Oumar Bah
Some keystrokes for example AltGr + m (to produce the letter for the eng sound)do not work. When I type them, the cursor springs to the MSN or Google toolbar. Can the problem be fixed by deleting the mentioned toolbars?
# RE: disabled keystrokes   2006-07-31 13:12:40.880
Mr Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Yes, deleting the toolbar would stop it from overriding the AltGr+M key (which is equivalent to Ctrl+Alt+M).

You don't have to delete the toolbar though: you can disable or change hotkey settings in the options for both the MSN and Google toolbars.
# RE: disabled keystrokes   2006-08-12 09:08:20.107
Oumar Bah
thanks Marc. When I open Google's options, I have Browsing, Search and More as options. But there is nowhere an option for disabling the hotkeys