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# Creating an Installer   2016-12-16 20:11:41.053
John Stephen Mangam


I have a query with regard to creating an installer for the keyboard layout.

After completing my source and compilation step, I went into Keyboard>Package for Distribution.
1. Saved file
2. Compiled Package successfully
3. For Compile Installer, I get the error: Package.kps: Fatal: The installer could not be built because the MSI file was missing.

Please help!

Thanks and regards,
# RE: Creating an Installer   2017-01-03 13:10:59.293
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
In order to create an installer which bundles Keyman Desktop, you'll need to find the keymandesktop90.msi file. This is included in the Keyman Desktop 9 installer downloadable from

Once you have downloaded it, you'll need to run the installer with command line parameter -x, for example:
keymandesktop-9.0.508.0.exe -x c:\temp
Where c:\temp should be replaced with the path you want to extract the installer files to. Once you have run this command, you will find the .msi file in that folder, which you can then select in the Package Editor next to the Compile Installer button.
# RE: Creating an Installer   2017-01-03 22:43:55.140
John Stephen Mangam
Hi Marc,

Thank you very much for the kind response.

Warm regards,