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# Cherokee Upper/Lower Case   2016-10-26 07:24:56.367
Roy Boney
With Unicode 8, Cherokee lower case was added as well as one historical character called "mv." I would like to update the Cherokee Unicode keyboard to support the new characters. This keyboard is one of the most popular Cherokee keyboards because it allows for three character input phonetically: for example, typing the sequence "tsa" to result in the Cherokee syllable Ꮳ as opposed to "ja." While both are suitable, the three 3 character input matches what most users of Cherokee are accustomed to. I'm fairly new to Keyman as a developer, but if I could a tutorial on how to string 3 typed characters together to equal 1, I could develop the keyboard myself. I've already started an updated Cherokee phonetic keyboard in Keyman Developer to incorporate the upper and lower case. The place where I have run into a wall is stringing 3 characters together rather than 2. I can do 2 easily.
# RE: Cherokee Upper/Lower Case   2016-10-27 01:39:06.820
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Hi Roy!

Stringing characters together is fairly straightforward once you understand the input model for Keyman keyboards. Instead of thinking of sequences of keystrokes, think of a transform, which has two components: what you see on screen already, and a keystroke.

Then, for example, you'd have something like the following, where you are pressing the 'a' key:

'ts' + 'a' > 'Ꮳ'.

However, the twist is that if 'ts' already generated something else, for example (using Z because I don't know!):

't' + 's' > 'Z'

you'd need the following rules instead:

't' + 's' > 'Z'
'Z' + 'a' > 'Ꮳ'

Does that make sense? The 't' + 's' are transformed into 'Z'. Then 'Z' + 'a' are transformed into 'Ꮳ'.

If that's not quite enough to make sense out of the problem, please feel free to send me the keyboard file as it stands and I can work through the answer with you.
# RE: Cherokee Upper/Lower Case   2016-11-01 02:15:49.230
Roy Boney
Hey Marc! Long time no see! Your explanation made perfect sense to me. I managed to get the output I am needing. Now I just need to finish the rest of the characters. Appreciate the help! And good luck on your new adventure!
# RE: Cherokee Upper/Lower Case   2016-11-02 19:25:54.767
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Thanks Roy! Glad that my explanation helped :)