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# Difference between 3 Thai keyboards   2016-10-10 23:03:14.717

What is the difference between the Unicode, Kedmanee (non-ShiftLock) Basic, and Kedmanee Basic keyboards?

# RE: Difference between 3 Thai keyboards   2016-10-27 01:33:26.967
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
The Thai Unicode keyboard is an enhanced version of the standard Thai Kedmanee keyboard:
* Efficient input of uncommon Thai symbols is defined.
* Reordering rules maintain consistent underlying sequence of diacritic vowels and tones.
* Other rules prevent entry of many illegal vowel and tone sequences and beep to alert the typist.

The Kedmanee Basic keyboard provides none of those additional features; the non-ShiftLock version is basically identical but ignores the state of the Caps Lock key.