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# Cameroon QWERTY on OSX   2016-05-19 23:15:44.880
I'm just trying out Keyman on the Mac for the very first time. Why is it that in some programs the Cameroon QWERTY keyboard gives me the dead key with the special character?

What I want is ə ɓ ɗ ŋ etc, but it gives me ;ə ;ɓ ;ɗ ;ŋ

It's OK in this dialogue box (I had to fake the problems above) but not with Libre Office, when it gives me as in the line above. It's OK in OSX Mail EXCEPT if you try to put two accented vowels one after the other, then it puts an extra accent on the first vowel.
Willie Kinnaird
# RE: Cameroon QWERTY on OSX   2016-06-02 07:28:42.977
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
There are some current known compatibility issues with LibreOffice and MS Office. The OSX Mail issue is a new issue for us. I will document it.