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# Nuer Language Numbers in figures.   2016-01-28 18:28:22.010
Gatluak Majak Tuol
It's my pleasure to have this software called Keymandestop, I really love it. Thanks to the developers and the founders of this great software.
I would also need to suggest that, if possible you can include the numbers in figures in Nuer Keyboard such that one can be able to make some calculation using Nuer.
# RE: Nuer Language Numbers in figures.   2016-01-29 10:10:51.033
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Thank you Gatluak Majak Tuol :)

I am not sure which numbers you are referring to? I thought the Nuer keyboard included numbers already on the top row of the keyboard? Can you clarify for me?