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# Sinhala source file (.kmn) for modifications   2015-08-15 14:14:41.173

I downloaded the keyman developer hoping to modify the Sinhala keyboard for my easy of use.
But I could not find the source files (.kmn) to be edited by the developer and only the compiled package files is available. (.kmp)

Could you please send me the kmn file so that I could do some modifications for my easy of use?

Appreciate a quick response as this is urgently needed.

Many Thanks,

Best Regards,
# RE: Sinhala source file (.kmn) for modifications   2015-08-17 08:06:47.347
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
We have one Sinhala keyboard online in our repository at

I note that its readme file is incomplete, and we are in the process of updating that. However, you should be able to use that one as a template.

The documentation at will walk you through getting started with the keyboard repository.

I understand that this isn't the same keyboard as the one referred to in this forum, however that one is not yet available online.