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# SENĆOŦEN Keyboard   2015-06-11 06:59:34.263
I am having troubles with the Underscore W and Underscore X. Is it possible to help me out with this issue?

I have found a code that works in the glyphs charts W̱ - U+F830 X̱ - U+F840

I don’t know if these are the correct codes but they do work when I type them in with the unicode keyboard.

We Do use the SENĆOŦEN keyboard very successfully with the aboriginal font. I am trying to create other fun fonts for our kids to use and have not been able to create the W̱ and X̱ thus far while typing with the SENĆŦEN keyboard.

In the unicode chart the code for Ṉ is U+1E48

I can’t seem to find code for W̱ and X̱ when I use the SENĆOŦEN Keyboard. It will only come up as X and macron. When it is typed this way the line is off of the letter and to the right of the letter.

Any response is very much appreciated and I look forward to a reply.


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# RE: SENĆOŦEN Keyboard   2015-06-11 10:10:15.417
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
This sounds like an issue with fonts more than anything else. You should type W̱ X̱ with W= X= respectively; make sure you use a font that supports Canadian Aboriginal languages. The fonts Aboriginal Sans and Aboriginal Serif that are installed with this keyboard should display correctly.
# RE: SENĆOŦEN Keyboard   2015-06-12 05:09:32.907
Here is an example of the problem...

TYPED with UNICODE keyboard . We can see that the line is nicely placed under the W.

TYPED with SENCOTEN keyboard W̱ (using the ; or _ key as the = does not work on my MAC) We can see that the line is off set not directly under the W.

The X̱ Is the same where the line appears offset.

This appears to be made with the macron code U+0331 where the line is off set and paired with the letter. It appears that there is a "shortcut" in the SENĆOŦEN keyboard to create the Underscore X and W and pair it with the code U+0031 when typing W or X +, ;(semi-colon) or _(underscore) or = sign (on certain computers).

I am wondering if it possible to upgrade the SENĆOŦEN keyboard to WRITE the shortcut and create the code U+F830 for underscore W, and U+F840 for underscore X. Rather than using the code U+0331(macron) at all.

ex. ("W + ;" or "_"or "+") will create the code U+F830

("X + ;" or "_" or "+") will create the code U+F840

I am creating fonts in a font creating software (rather than and including the Canadian Aboriginal Language Font) and I have successfully created all letters except the W and X. I use the same code that is written for each accented letter in our language while typing using the SENĆOŦEN Keyboard that has been created with success. However I can’t seem to find an individual code that will create the characters in question. The code seems to be the same to make both letters and when typing with the SENĆOŦEN Keyboard I can not create these letters in a new font.

I really appreciate your time for reading this blog and I again look forward to a reply.



# RE: SENĆOŦEN Keyboard   2015-06-12 07:47:59.153
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff

I'm a little confused -- are you using Keyman on Windows or are you using another product on a Mac? We can't provide support for other products!

The codes U+F830 and U+F840 are part of the Private Use Area ( The appropriate codes for W̱ X̱ are (as you identified) the W + combining macron below (U+0331). There is no combined code.

Creating fonts is beyond the scope of our support, but it sounds like you need to investigate how to implement smart font features such as substitution -- see