Topic It isn't working on CorelDraw windows 7

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# It isn't working on CorelDraw windows 7   2014-11-27 22:20:51.843
Ashok Rahrka
Mr. MB you did a great job, but its useless in CorelDraw on Win7. As our community's graphic designers are facing great difficulties to type Sindhi in corelDraw on win7. Old version of Sindhi keyboard of Keyman only works on win XP.

Hope you'll focus on this issue. OR if you have already solved this issue. Kindly let me know at [email protected]

# RE: It isn't working on CorelDraw windows 7   2014-11-28 07:38:21.743
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Ashok Rahrka, thank you for your feedback. Can you let me know which version of Keyman Desktop you are using, and I believe you are using the MBSindhi keyboard? We can then test Corel Draw within those parameters.