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# I Love Keyman Desktop   2014-10-07 16:39:19.633
John Monyjok
User Report

Dear all, what a joy to have a tool like Keyman Desktop? I tried the tool back in 2010 and that was the free version of v8, but I just love it. Few months later, one of my friends ordered for me the upgraded version of v8 and I am still using it today.

Keyman helped me translate books from English to Dinka and Nuer languages easily and professionally!

I just want to let you know as visitors to this site that this is one of the greatest tools available. I'm planning to upgrade now to the premium version so that I can see how it works. I can use only two keyboards now, but I think I can do more in the premium version. God bless Tavultesoft. Great work!

Ɣän tɛth lɔcdä ɛlɔ̱ŋ kɛ Keymen. Puɔ̱th a Kuoth!
# RE: I Love Keyman Desktop   2014-10-07 18:40:54.723
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff

Wow, thank you :) Your kind words mean a lot to the whole Tavultesoft team!

All the best,