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# How to generate Hindi word   2011-11-01 14:42:58.810
Mr. Choong Choon Wong
I am trying to type "I" (main) but the keyboard gave me an assembly of letters (????) instead of the usual form of the word. How should I operate the keyboard with romanised typing.How do I call pout the short form of the vowels? (like the ikar, ika, ukar, ekar, aikar, okar and aukar)
# RE: How to generate Hindi word   2011-11-01 15:31:24.753
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Hi, this particular keyboard is not a romanised keyboard. The ISIS Devanagari keyboard may be a better solution for you:
# RE: How to generate Hindi word   2011-11-02 12:41:45.673
Mr. Choong Choon Wong
The problem, as I found out late,r was due to my failure to link the windows language and keyboard system together. After I have gone into the Regional Language and Keyboard setting system to select the Keyman keyboard for the language adopted and also gone into Configuration setting of the Keyman Desktop to apply the keyman keyboard under the different languages installed, all the problems disappeared.