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# diacritics on yeh   2010-04-01 04:47:17.953
Peter S
I've got Keyman Light 7.

I have no problem using the Pak Nastaleeq font that comes with it, but I struggle with initial and medial "yeh"s in any other font. The "hook" appears but the diacritics (do nuqte - two dots underneath) do not appear. If I switch out of Keyman temporarily, all's well. What's going wrong?
# RE: diacritics on yeh   2010-04-06 16:00:55.770
Peter - I would like to help you resolve your issue. I'll need a little more information:

1. Could you supply an image or link to the exact medial and initial 'yeh' forms that you are referring to?

2. Can you tell me what keys you are using to type 'yeh'?

3. Could you tell me a little more about what you are doing when you 'switch out of Keyman' to get the correct form?
# RE: diacritics on yeh   2010-05-08 22:14:45.687
Word of Life
Apologies for the delay. I've been quite sick.

1. I have prepared a pdf image. Where/how do I send it?
2. I am using the "i" key
3. I close down Keyman and use the Windows Urdu keyboard

Note: I am using Word 2003 on Windows 7
# RE: diacritics on yeh   2010-05-10 08:35:29.087
Tavultesoft Staff
Thank you for your response. Please send the PDF to [email protected]. When you send the PDF, please also send a sample Word document so we can see the source text.