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# Heidelberg solution and UK keyboard   2010-01-11 05:14:38.467
Roger Wright
I us this a great deal to type Sanskrit. I'm very pleased with it.

Still it would be even better if I could customize it to work with my UK keyboard when typing english. The ", £ # etc are all in the US positions which takes a bit of getting used too, so I am often switching it on anf off when writing mixed documents.

Anything I can do to improve this?


# RE: Heidelberg solution and UK keyboard   2010-01-11 14:58:32.260
At this time, unfortunately it is not possible to associate the Heidelberg Input Solution with a UK keyboard layout. The third-party creators of the Heidelberg Input Solution designed it to comply with the US, US International, or standard German layout.

I have logged your comments as an issue for future attention.