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# umlaut   2009-11-09 15:35:30.230
Mike Fulford
How do you get the characters that contain the umlauted sound when you are typing in the pinyin? Such as in the nuer for daughter. I tried typing nv instead of nu but no luck. Can't seem to find it in the documentation either. Any help would be appreciated.
# RE: umlaut   2009-11-10 14:09:29.120
Are you using the keyboard 'Pinyin' or 'CS-Pinyin'?
CS-Pinyin shows ΓΌ once you type the next letter.
# RE: umlaut   2009-11-12 14:42:59.117
Mike Fulford
I am using CS-Pinyin. You are right on that. When I continue the word it comes up. I was stopping at nv. Thanks for that. What I can't get to happen is for nv to show anything. I thought it would bring up the first available umlauted nu character which is typically the character for female. I did try nvde which would be denoting female by combining the nv female character with the de, which denotes possessive.

I do realize keyman is different but I tried the pleco dict software on my palm and when I do nv it gives a choice of about six characters. All of those are combined with other characters. nv does the same. Would be nice if keyman would give characters with just the nv or lv typed without continuation of the input of the next character. Something to think about.

Thanks for the help. I really like your software. Works very well.

# RE: umlaut   2009-11-17 17:39:36.583
Thank you for your suggestion. We are actually in the process of developing an even more substantial Chinese keyboard. We will take your suggestion to mind in the development of that keyboard. Let us know if you have any more questions.
# RE: umlaut   2009-11-17 17:52:32.577
I should say, are you still looking for the character for female? Can you tell me, which character for female are you looking for? Is it one of these:
1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
# RE: umlaut   2010-06-22 11:14:55.017
Mike Fulford
I was looking for the #2 character that you had listed. Sorry I am so late in replying to this.
# RE: umlaut   2010-07-19 15:02:09.437
Mike - Our 'more substantial' Chinese keyboard is available now for KeymanWeb. Using it, you can type ? with 'nv'. To test the keyboard, visit:

I apologise for the delay in responding to your question.