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# Text appears in Latin characters   2008-10-13 21:40:57.143
I just downloaded the Burmese WW font, but nothing I do will result in true Burmese text. Keyman keeps saying something about updating Uniscribe, but it doesn't do anything if I hit ok. Please help.
# RE: Text appears in Latin characters   2008-10-14 09:22:42.793
Andrew C.
Keyboard Designer
My understanding is the WwBurmese font and keyboard use an 8-bit legacy encoding. It is not a Unicode solution, and does not use Uniscribe. Uniscribe is only needed for Myanmar Unicode 4.1/5.0 or Unicode 5.1 solutions.

I would expect Burmese text using WwBurmese, without the appropriate font selected to appear as a jumble of ASCII and Latin 1 characters.