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# keyboard   2007-03-30 09:15:26.173
Mr. Andrew Fincke
When I key in text, it doesn't enter as per the "Harari Unicode Keyboard Layout" provided at the Openroad site. Specifically the cononant+e doesn't give me on the screen what I see on the chart. Often the small round circle at the right in typical +e forms of the consonant don't appear. I also don't understand the a[ column of the chart. I also don't understand how to key io "ch" "gn" "kh" etc.
# RE: keyboard   2007-03-30 12:07:11.330
Mr. Andrew Fincke
I found out from Andrew C. that the Harari keyboard is not installed, but rather only the Amharic EZ and EZ+. In using these I don't know how to type in the e-mutations, that is xie, sie, etc. Is there a dead key for getting the third in without getting ayin to print? More importantgly, why didn't the Harari install?
# RE: keyboard   2007-03-30 14:34:42.767
Andrew C.
Keyboard Designer
Could you provide the Unicode codepoint of of of the characters you want to type? That would allow me to reference their documentation and check.

Documentation on SERA EZ+ is available at

Does this cover the Ethiopic characters you require?

# RE: keyboard   2007-03-30 15:39:42.203
Andrew C.
Keyboard Designer
For Amharic EZ+:

According to

the basic key sequences are

qe, qu, qi, qa, qee, q, qo, for the basic seven series,
this would give: ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

qWe, qWi, qWu, qWa, qWee for additional characters where they exist. And this would give: ? ? ? ? ?