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# Map of Keyboard anywhere?   2007-01-18 19:15:56.497
Bruce Axtens
I'm working with the home version of KeyMan. I have the Urdu keyboard. I'm trying to figure out how to enter things like AIN and NUUN GUNA and things like that. Is there a printout anywhere of what keys do what?
# RE: Map of Keyboard anywhere?   2007-01-19 09:04:47.530
Tavultesoft Staff
Hi Bruce,

The documentation link on the following page has information on how to obtain all the characters:

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Paul Durdin
# RE: Map of Keyboard anywhere?   2007-01-19 14:08:59.403
Bruce Axtens
Great. Thanks very much.

Kind regards,
# RE: Map of Keyboard anywhere?   2007-01-19 14:15:32.967
Bruce Axtens
Documentation needs updating:

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